The only question I could possibly have asked to leave it open enough to 
all the possibilities was basically the one I asked. That's because 
possible reasons for not writing his own function may have been:
- he wanted a very basic gradient, but he was such a newbie in PHP that 
he didn't know how - I would've been happy to help in this case;
- he needed some strange gradient/shape/mask - in which case someone who 
needed the same kind of thing at a previous date would've been able to 
- he was pressed for time;
- he was lazy.

Please tell me what would be a question which would leave all these 
answer opportunities open while also being brief and obviously not being 


Joshua Alexander wrote:

>> Well, I'm deeply moved by your concern - I don't think I was either 
>> hostile or impatient however - I was just stating the obvious and 
>> implying a question (why isn't it straightforward).
> That was my problem with your post--why imply the question, and leave 
> it open to interpretation? Why not just ask? Who would mistake a 
> direct request for more info as hostile or impatient?

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