I don't feel that. I run a web site with a big deal of traffic, and in speed 
and scalability, MySQL is better than PGSQL or Sybase. I know because I tryed 
each one of these before getting to MySQL in definitive. Sybase is WAAAAAY 
too slow, and Postgres has a habit of melting down from time to time. In the 
features field, if you need referential integrity you can use InnoDB or BDB 
tables in MySQL, wich supports ON DELETE CASCADE and many things more, like 
row-level locking, blah, blah, blah. To keep your data secure, Sybase is a 
better option than PGSQL, because when PGSQL melts down, you lose some 
records as a gift. I had not seen this behavior mainly because I did not ran 
PGSQL long enough to see this, and the memory requirements of Sybase are just 
too much to stand. I prefer MySQL above every other, even lacking SP's. Of 
course, my business do not require anything more than standard MyISAM offers, 
so PGSQL may be a better option in some cases.

On Friday 05 July 2002 17:59, Lazor, Ed wrote:
> How many here feel PostgreSQL has surpassed MySQL as the better backend for
> PHP?  This would be based on performance (speed, scalability, etc.) and
> features.
> -Ed

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