"Ilia A." wrote:
>  The biggest annoyance I've come across is
> the fact that while using PostgreSQL with PHP is that when you fetch a row
> you must specify the number of the result, while in MySQL, that is handled
> internally by PHP for you. This means that your PHP scripts must track the
> row numbers themselves.

This is not so... see pg_fetch_array.  Since PHP 4.1.0, you no longer
need the row number.

> Now we come to the actual database speed itself. In this regard in most
> applications MySQL is MUCH faster probably because it has to do allot less
> work then PostgreSQL does. For example, lets analyze the most common action
> performed in a database system, a SELECT. When you do a select in MySQL,
> MySQL internally locks the table for the duration of the select. PostgreSQL
> on the other hand does a row level lock, internally, for every row you
> select.

Is this really what you want?  Doesn't this mean that PostgreSQL would
be more efficient for larger user volumes?  Locking an entire table
isn't usually a good thing.

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