> > How many here feel PostgreSQL has surpassed MySQL as the better backend for
> > PHP?  This would be based on performance (speed, scalability, etc.) and
> > features.
> I've been using MySQL/PHP for quite some time.  Several months ago, I
> wanted to port a project over to PostgreSQL.  I found everything about pg
> (eg the website, documentation, installation process) far less straight
> ahead than MySQL.  So much so, that I didn't get around to actually
> installing pg.

This is actually something they are working on right now.  One thing to
remember is that for quite a while now mysql has had a corporate entity
behind it that can spend money on marketing efforts -- postgresql doesn't
have this since Great Bridge went away...

> Plus, as others have pointed out, the supporting functions in PHP aren't
> as powerful/diverse.  For example, there's no insert id function.

There are sequences however... which once you use them for awhile you'll
hate the way MySQL does it.

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