As Alberto says, PHP has to be used to do such thing ONLY when Java is
not acceptable. There are many JavaScript snippets out there that do
such things. Most of them are called *DOUBLE COMBO* but as I recently
found out in this list, and from a similar question I had, is NOT so
simple for PHP to figure out what was chosen in the second choice. Try
to read post made the last month and you'll get the answer to all this.


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> Peter Goggin wrote:
> > Can this be done using only PHP or do I need to use Javascripts?
> managing this in PHP should be considered *only* when jscript is not
> available. It's a matter of load distribution.
> When doing client server applications (like the web is) you shall
> remember that any interaction about the two entities adds up time to
> result. Which, incidentally, is the point in using Stored Procedures
> (when they are properly coded and the db engine is capable of
> them) instead of making tons of single SQL calls from a single PHP
> Now, if all of your data is already on the client (somehow stoked in
> jscript variables) your user interaction will be quick and easy. If
> call PHP any time you will get a serious delay (because you do issue a
> request along the net, then the server processes it and sends it back
> your browser, that again processes it and shows it). So this should be
> considered an emergency solution only.
> A 100% robust solution should contain both, and call PHP only if
> is not available on the client. But this is costly and requires the
> procedures to be realigned everytime you have some change going on.
> applications can just use javascript and forget about it.
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