Naintara Jain wrote:
> this is of course, keeping in mind, that your backend (database data) is not
> changing every few seconds. If you are dealing with dynamic data, such that
> the list options might be changing at every moment then you would need the
> latest database data and PHP would need to be used after the selection in
> the 1st list.


True! If you have dynamic stuff you might consider having an invisible 
entity on your page that gets refreshed at constant intervals with a 
server call and contains a flag result. Any time the flag is set 
user-interaction will fire the PHP refresh, while you will still be 
using javascript when possible.

This will save you a lot of user complaints. People hate to wait for a 
second. It's maaad world :)

This road leaves a potential inconsistency problem that you shall solve 
on the final PHP call: user might send in the data before the flag is 
set. In that case you shall refresh the data and ask the user to repeat 
input. It's called an "optimistic strategy" :)

Actually, whether you can use it or not depends on the update frequency 
of your dynamic data. Plus some tailoring on the intervals (you don't 
want to kill your server by sending it millions of "check-the-content" 
requests). Decision is based on the number of users and the update 




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