At 7/7/2002, you wrote:
>Is there any way of doing this so within a single page?
>Can this be done using only PHP or do I need to use Javascripts?
>Where would I be able to find examples of code which does this sort of


I would do it in PHP, because you can never ever rely on Javascript (is it 
on? what version? what browser?). Javascript is good for additional UI 
smoothing, but should never be a requirement (nor should cookies be).

Here's a simple quick code (partial) how I'd do it on one php page:

Use the resulting ID's to query the full data of the "product" found.

There is source code and db dump link in the bottom of that page. The 
database is very normalized.

I did and debugged this in couple of hours (I know, I'm slow), and this 
needs _plenty_ of more code like clearing choices from "product" and 
"version" when "platform" is changed, and checking valid "platform" id 
etc... this is just a core which gives you id's for additional queries.

If you improve this please share the code!

Hope this helps,


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