Dreamweaver has come along nicely.  I have only dabbled at the MX version.

Ultraedit, http://www.ultraedit.com/, has proven to be very nice at
handling editing tasks of PHP, HTML, SQL, and hundreds of other languages. 
It can edit files via FTP which was useful to me years ago and continues
to be a requrement; Probably any editor does that now. 

I use both of the above to attack web design projects.


On Wed, 10 Jul 2002, Mark McCulligh wrote:

>-I am looking for a good Development tool to write my PHP in and was
>-wondering what people are using out there.
>-I have been looking at Dreamweaver MX, Zend Studio 2.5 and phpEdit.
>-I know UltraDev 4 well with ASP, but the new MX now supports PHP.  This
>-MX/PHP any good?  Zend looks good with the integrated documentation and
>-debugging tools.
>-Thanks, Mark.
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John Huggins



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