What makes development tools better than a good editor? (serious question)

Over the course of time (I have been writing code for 25 years, many
languages, some compiled, some not) I have found that the most useful tool
in the arsenal is a good editor with no more features than line numbering.
When I find myself in times of code trouble (props to John Lennon) I will
almost always turn to an editor first. I have used many, and for my money
where web application development is concerned, Programmers File Editor (no
longer supported) http://www.lancs.ac.uk/people/cpaap/pfe/ for Windows, and
vi or pico on *nix are the editors of choice. I do use PHPedit from time to
time because, while it is buggy, it does do syntax highlighting and matches
brackets and other curly thingies well, which is especially helpful when
viewing large scripts with lots of code.

I have and continue to use some IDE's for certain projects (Visual C++,
UltraDev for ASP code) but often find myself using an editor on the code
created by these.

So to answer the question above ... nothing beats a good editor.


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