Can't agree more, it's fine having Ultradev and the rest to get you started
but the best end results come from understanding and writing code that is
not bloated.

For a great text editor that has all the features identified in PHPEdit but
none of the bugs try JEdit


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> What makes development tools better than a good editor? (serious question)
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> Over the course of time (I have been writing code for 25 years, many
> languages, some compiled, some not) I have found that the most useful tool
> in the arsenal is a good editor with no more features than line numbering.
> When I find myself in times of code trouble (props to John Lennon) I will
> almost always turn to an editor first. I have used many, and for my money
> where web application development is concerned, Programmers File Editor
> longer supported) for Windows,
> vi or pico on *nix are the editors of choice. I do use PHPedit from time
> time because, while it is buggy, it does do syntax highlighting and
> brackets and other curly thingies well, which is especially helpful when
> viewing large scripts with lots of code.
> I have and continue to use some IDE's for certain projects (Visual C++,
> UltraDev for ASP code) but often find myself using an editor on the code
> created by these.
> So to answer the question above ... nothing beats a good editor.
> Jay
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