If completely developing a fully functional and optimized E-commerce site isn't good 
enough, I don't know what is.  I can understand how it may not necessarily be 
innovative (though it could have innovative features), but designing such a site would 
prove to anyone I know that you have a great knowledge of the language the site was 
created in.

As for original ideas, good luck.  You'll come to find that anything you can think to 
do has already been done.  You're best bet may be to look around some sites on the 
'Net and try to vastly improve what has already been done.

Projects that find solutions?  That could be anything from a Weight Loss Tracking 
System to an advanced encryption/decryption algorithm.

Martin Clifford
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>>> "Serdar Sokmen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/12/02 11:14AM >>>

Please read the rest of this email if you're interested in helping final

Computer Science student (yes, that's me...) by giving him some ideas on his

year project very possible involving PHP and SQL...

I will start next autumn my third year of Computer Science studies. I have
to carry

out a large programming project in this final year. These projects are

and assessed via a dissertation and an oral presentation. The project alone

for 20% of my whole degree, so it is quite important.

A variety of project proposals have been made available for our

already but they all look very dull and boring. We are also encouraged to
come up

with our own project ideas.

The onus is on us to define the problem boundaries, to investigate possible

solutions, and to present the results verbally, in writing and (possibly) to

demonstrate in action. They like having projects that find solutions (or
improve a

current sloution) real life problems.

This summer, I am doing an internship in a Swiss IT company, working on a

Management System implemented with PHP and MySQL. This will obviously give
me some

valuable experience with these languages (I sort of already learn them quite

well...) and most of our tuition in Uni is based on Java.

If you can think of an interestin final year project involving hese
languages, it

would be very kind to share it with me... In order to obtain a very high
mark, the

project needs to be challenging. For example, having an e-commerce web-site
using a

Database is seen as a "weak", non-innovative project...

Many Thanks for your time

Serdar Sokmen

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