It was a few years ago, waaaaaaay back in 96, but if its any kind of
help my final year project was to design a hypertext documentation
system for Java.

All it did was take Java source files, and parse them to produce html
output, where instances were linked to take you to the definition of
that class, and class definitions were linked to take you to a list of
instances of that class. 2 way linkage. Similarly for methods etc. I
also added in code colorisation, so comments came up green, strings in
blue etc.

Doesn't sound that innovative now, but it was quite cool at the time.
AND most of the things I had in there can now be seen in any good IDE.
Ahead of my time... :-)

One thing I did, and I assume you have to do something similar, is an
evaluation in your project report. I made the source code available on
my web page at university, and got folk on various java newsgroups to
evaluate it for me. So not only did that section of the report get
virtually written for me, but I got some fantastic feedback and ideas. 

Just my 2p...

Richard Black
Systems Programmer, DataVisibility Ltd -
Tel: 0141 435 3504

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