This helps quite a bit Thank you.
I am just wondering if I should make classes instead of functions? What
would be the benefit of that? Do you know?

You should keep classes and functions seperate in your thought process, they
are not the same and not meant to do or be the same thing. Here is a good
thought process to apply to classes...

1. Is this an object?

If the answer is no, you do not need a class.

2. Do I need to do something (have an action or set of actions performed),
perhaps over and over again?

If the answer is yes, this is a function.

A method is a function that applies to a specific class of objects. If you
created a class and methods for each item you code would be bloated, slow,
and hard to maintain.

Do not think of functions and classes in the same light, you will make
yourself more confused. One is definitely not the other.


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