Martin Clifford wrote:
> Could someone please explain the difference between classes and functions
> and how to use a class. 

Well, that's a 1 billion $$ question. I don't think one can fully grasp 
that difference by reading an email. I strongly suggest you to buy 
yourself a book about OOP and have a go at it. That is, if you really 
care about knowing.

Whether you should like OOP or not is a religious matter, so I will not 
enter the field. OOP has its pluses and its minuses. It's a technique, 
not an ultimate truth, although it is often presented as such. And as 
any technique, it can do wonders and it can do plain bull**t when not 
properly used.

Nowadays 100% of my work is OOP based, but I worked some 15 years on 
functions and I cannot blame those who keep working that way. There are 
reasons for doing it and reason for not to do it. Get yourself a good 
clear book, then make a decision.



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