Howdy everyone,

I'd like to get everyone's input on Jobs and Certs.  I know there are a couple 
Certifications for web developers out there, such as the CIW and CWP certifications.

Here are my questions:

1.  What is the best method to go about becoming certified?
2.  What is the best way to go about getting into the web development industry?
3.  If you have ever taken online courses relating to web development, what is your 
opinion on them?  Good, bad, ugly?
4.  Which certification is most beneficial?  I know that CWP requires work experience 
before becoming certified past certain points, and CIW does not require this.
5.  Why can't I remember what question five was? Doh.

At any rate, I'm current a data entry clerk, but have quite a bit of web experience 
(none at a job, though), and I know that I have TONS more to learn, but I am very 
passionate about it and want to be able to do it as a career.  I just don't know where 
the hell to start, and I know that some of you might be able to offer some advice in 
this area.

Thanks in advance!  This is very important to me, so I thought I'd ask the people that 
would know best :o)

Martin Clifford
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