Quoting Greg Donald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> It's not about that..  It's about the hell I've already been
> through with the new register_globals setting.  Then two huge ass 
> security holes following in the next couple of months after that.

> If it doesn't bother you the hassles 'the php group' is putting me,
> you, and alot of others through then I guess that's just you.  I 
> can't help but get pissed about it.  I did not have the time to do 
> these upgrades, but now I have to make time.

php.ini: register_globals = on;

this would have allowed you to upgrade and keep your projects running 
until you converted them to $_ arrays.

And I think you seem to be taking things a little to personally.  

...hassles the php group is putting YOU through?

Let's see...does Andi, Zeev and Rasmus get paid to produce new 
versions of PHP?  Do you pay licensing fees for the product?  Maybe 
if there were fees, the Holy Trinity (grin) could create an update 
app that made your life easier for you.

The night CERT released the security alert, I upgraded 23 servers in 
less than an hour.  It is not hard work running three commands.  You 
are not going to get alot of sympathy from the 'group'.

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