Your attitude stinks.

PHP is a FREE scripting language.  Think about the amount of money you are
probably charging hosting clients, or charging in web or programming
services, or making in site revenue, or whatever way you 'commercially
function' through PHP.

The register globals 'imposition' IS more secure and encourages better
coding practices... would you prefer they made the change now, or in 5 years
when you have 100's more sites to fix.  Better late than later.

If you want something that will never have a bug, never have a security
hole, performs perfectly from day 1, never has an upgrade/change, and will
never change for the better, you are utterly dreaming!

The difference in this case is that the PHP Group aren't emptying your

Sorry to hear that you'll have to do some more upgrading, but I'd keep the
complaining to yourself -- "you get what you pay for" springs to mind, but
in the case of PHP, we get a whole lot more.

Justin French

on 23/07/02 2:55 AM, Greg Donald ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Not only did I get to re-write all my apps the past few months because of
> the new register_globals default that was imposed by `the php group`...
> Now I get to upgrade my PHP install once a month or so cause of new
> security holes..  Yay!
> Wasn't this new register_globals setting supposed to enhance security?
> How would you like to be a sys admin with dozens of machines to upgrade
> before you can proceed with anythign else?
> Can anyone say Ruby?

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