> Who said anything about M$?  I don't use their crappy products so I 
> don't have to deal with their security issues.

I'm the one who brought up Microsoft, I'm saying it's a whole lot better
then the alternatives.

> If PHP 4.2 is unsafe then why is it listed at the top of the page for 
> download?  There is not a shread of text saying do not use in production, 
> no unsafe warnings whatsoever.  How am I supposed to magically find the 
> 'do not use' warnings?

You have to magically find this by reading the messages on this list,
not more then a month ago, someone asked was it considered stable for
production use, and the answer was no. I was going to type a long rant
about how you should test software or atleast wait a while for the kinks
to be worked out of new versions instead of running cutting edge, but
screw it, I'm not wasting any more time on this.

> It's not about that..  It's about the hell I've already been through with 
> the new register_globals setting.  Then two huge ass security holes 
> following in the next couple of months after that.

I know, there such bastards for releasing security patches to fix the
holes they know about instead of burrying the evidence and denying a
hole exists.
> If it doesn't bother you the hassles 'the php group' is putting me, you, 
> and alot of others through then I guess that's just you.  I can't 
> help but get pissed about it.  I did not have the time to do these 
> upgrades, but now I have to make time.

You know your right, the PHP group (god bless them) is out to get you,
individually, they intentionally put security holes into the software,
so they can go back later and make you patch your "dozens of systems"
and make your life a living hell. And it's not just me who doesn't mind
upgrading, it's just you who can't handle it.

Adam Voigt

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