I have never charge by the page simply because I don't want to be 
limited in my design. Also, I don't want them saying I've added unneeded 
pages to up the price.
I don't know how you would charge by the script since you should be 
using object oriented code. Wouldn't this be similar to charging by the 
So that leaves hourly or by the project (not mentioned). Personally, I 
like to do it by the project, although I am probably a minority in my 
preference. By the project gives the client a nice set price. However, 
the scope has to be extremely well defined. It should be anyway, but 
more so if charging by the project. I then charge by the hour for 
requests outside the original scope, which happens all the time. It also 
keeps them in check on their requests. Depending on the client, I 
require a third or half up front for a project.

On Thursday, July 25, 2002, at 11:46 AM, Gerard Samuel wrote:

> Basically, someone is looking to get a database driven site built,
> and Ive never written code for money before.
> Im looking for advice, as to how the experienced coders in here charge 
> for their work.
> Do you charge by the page, script or by the hour (that would be nice).
> Thanks for any input you may provide...
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