I just thought I would share a personal experience that I am currently going
through that relates to this.

I was approached by a client to develop a full e-commerce solution for his
company. I am only one guy, and I had never done any PHP code on this scale
before. I knew this, but I wanted to do the job. So I undercut myself. I
mean really undercut (in hindsight, I shouldn't have undercut myself as much
as I did). I am in the process of delivering a $20,000 - $25,000 website to
this company, and I am only making $2000 on it. I have spent close to 700
hours on the development of this project in my evenings and weekends.

So why did I do it? Three reasons...
1) I wanted the job.
2) I needed a 'good' portfolio piece.
3) I can now buy computer parts cheaper than Future Shop.

If you decide to charge by the project make sure you know what you're
getting yourself into, and that its going to be something you can deliver.
Since I have started working on my project I have gained 3 more contracts
without even trying just by showing them this project.

That and being able to say "I did this... ALL BY MYSELF!" is pretty cool.

Jason L Cathcart
BSc. Computer Information Systems

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Basically, someone is looking to get a database driven site built,
and Ive never written code for money before.
Im looking for advice, as to how the experienced coders in here charge
for their work.
Do you charge by the page, script or by the hour (that would be nice).

Thanks for any input you may provide...

Gerard Samuel

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