> Do you charge by the page, script or by the hour (that would 
 > be nice).

We do this sort of thing in, basically, one of three ways...

1.  Client gives us a budget and we give them a clear idea of what that
budget will get them.

2.  Client gives us a good idea of what they want to achieve and we
provide a quote to get them there.

3.  Client gives us all the content they have and we go to it and write
an invoice for our work when we are done.

Number 3 is pretty rare.  For 1 and 2 we always get approvals on the
work as we go and we always work to the budget that we've got (either
from their end or from our quoute).  Documenting what is covered within
the quote is important so that you have a way to increase the invoice if
the client comes back asking for added features that were not originally

We've found that most clients like the idea of a fixed fee so they know
what they are up for.  The key to doing this is to make sure that you
don't end up losing out by not making clear what that money will buy.

CYA, Dave

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