On 08/03/2002 01:58 PM, Acer wrote:
> There is a free php accelerator so I don't know why you would pay for one.
> www.php-accelerator.co.uk
> The same guy (Nick) has also just made an encoder.  It is in beta testing
> right now and there's no windows version yet but that should be coming soon.
> I think it's like $0.50 to encode your program which is much more
> affordable.
> http://www.php-encoder.com

You can also use APC cache extension in MMAP mode and when you run each 
script for the first time it stores the compiled files on disk. From 
then on you can delete the original sources as they are no longer 
needed. There is no need to pay for that. I alaways recommend APC to 
protect the source code to anybody because you do not even have to 
change any part of source code to use it. APC is available here:


BCompiler is a new PECL extension that is based on APC and you can 
download it for free here:


So, there is really no need to pay at all.

> I think the problem with zend is that they have put up the guise that php is
> an opensource project but to actually use it in production you had to pay
> several thousands every year for the accelerator and the encoder.  It kinda

You probably have no idea how right you are! :)

Did you know that APC cache extension was developed because Zend wanted 
to charge a fortune to license Zend Cache to be used in a large cluster, 
but the company that has the cluster was not willing to pay that much?

The funny part is that Zend CEO was so greedy that he refused to make a 
significant discount. Of course the company with the cluster refused to 
pay the absurd ammount of money that Zend charged. So, it seems that 
Zend CEO was so brilliant that challenged them to develop a Cache 
extension for free, and guess what, they did? hehehehehehehheheh

Not only Zend people is greed as they seem so arrogant that they really 
think nobody can have developed the things they did. They probably think 
they are gods! Some customers probably believe that so they pay the 
fabulous fortunes that they charge!

Anyway, if it was my company, I would have certainly fired that CEO for 
challenging somebody to develop a competing product, even more for free.

> feels like a bait and switch to me which is why I personally think zend is
> bad for php.  Just do a search for jobs for asp, cf or jsp.  There are a ton
> of jobs for these languages and you would be lucky to find one for a php
> developer.  So zend rakes in the money and does no real marketing with that
> money for php is the way I see it.

Yes, I completely agree with you. Zend was good for having developed 
Zend engine but at the same time they cripple further development by not 
allowing Open Source cache/encoding extensions to be included in PHP.

Once APC author publicly offered to integrate APC extension in PHP and 
the only response that he got was a stupid excuse from Zeev to not do it.

> You'll never hear anything from the core php group since they are a tight
> click so it's business as usual.  Now that Nick has released the free
> accelerator and an inexpensive ($0.50 per shot) encoder it might change but
> I don't know if it's too late.

You are also very right when you claim that other core developers have 
admited that by passively allowing Zend people to boycott the addition 
of an Open Source cache extension that can also be used for encoding 

Only them can explain the real reasons, but active or passively they are 
favouring Zend business, thus crippling further PHP development.

As for Nick encoder I also agree that is probably too late for him to 
make money because there are free encoding extensions and like his they 
are not built-in PHP.

Anyway, once Nick told me that he would not mind integrating his 
cache/encoding extension into PHP if the PHP developers (read Zend 
people) were not blocking it.

He also told me about the interest to develop a PHP to C compiler which 
is way  better than Zend Encoder because that would be really hard, if 
viable at all to reverse engineer. That would make PHP match other 
languages offer of real compilers either in protection terms and speed.


Manuel Lemos

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