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> Sorry for bothering you, I didn't think I would hit a nerve.

Didn't think you'd hit a nerve?

You're complaining profusely about the price charged for a commercial
product, and bagging the crap out of the developers, contributors and people
who made PHP what it is.

Commercial products are a case of supply and demand.

Zend are offering a certain suite of products for a certain price.  If you
wish to obtain that product, you pay that price.  If you don't feel the
product is worth the asking price, search for an alternative.

If you can find an alternative product which suits your needs (like a
free/cheaper encoder, a different language like JSP or ASP, or whatever),
then by all means go and buy that one instead, and leave this list in peace.

I found a suit the other day which was a perfect fit, and looked great.
problem was it was $1000.  So rather than complaining to the sales
assistant, I looked around and found a similar suit for about half the
price, and settled on that, even though there are some quality differences.

Justin French

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