Scott wrote:
> You're kidding, right?  When was the last time you saw one the creator of
> ASP on a mailing list personally answering code questions?

Call me a cynic but to maintain your status as php god you have to
contribute to the list so you can sign a book deal.

Scott wrote:
> For what it's worth, I just left a 50,000 employee company that would not
> let me use PHP in production until I showed them the Zend suite of
> products.  When I asked for the money to buy their IDE and it arrived I
> was allowed to move my PHP code to production.

So zend charges a huge amount of money so that your boss can feel good about
making the right decision.  That's great but how's that working?  Is php
becoming a contender?  Like I said before do a search for php developers,
you won't find any demand for it.  Jsp is newer then php and they have a lot
more jobs available so something isn't working.

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