Thanks Jay,
I known i need to install a lot of staffs to get all the functions works(GD
Lib, FreeType Lib, libjpeg, libpng, zlib........etc etc).
But i only need a few of them, so if i just load the php_gd.dll, what
functions included?? I canr found any information about that.
And one more, does php_gd2.dll also a GD lib?

Thanks in advance
"Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> glsD
:002001c241fc$9f644d70$[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> [snip]
> I want to use the image functions listed in to manipulate
> images. My server is Apache 2.0.x.x with PHP 4.2.2 , built on windows
> platform. Is it uncomment the ;extension=php_gd.dll in php.ini enough to
> enable such functions?
> [/snip]
> Not on Apache. You will need to compile/install the GD library
> ( and maybe jpeg-6b. There may
> other extensions that you will need, for instance if you want to use True
> Type fonts in your images. There is plenty of documentation on
> and set up.
> HTH!
> Jay

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