I known i need to install a lot of staffs to get all the functions works(GD
Lib, FreeType Lib, libjpeg, libpng, zlib........etc etc).
But i only need a few of them, so if i just load the php_gd.dll, what
functions included?? I canr found any information about that.
And one more, does php_gd2.dll also a GD lib?

The DLL is a Windows library AFAIR, and contains the GD functions when
included on a Windows server. You do not have to enable this extension on an
Apache server (unless it is Apache on Windows). You just have to make sure
that PHP is compiled with all of the proper libraries for your use of GD.

As for the second DLL, I am not sure. I haven't done a lot of Windows GD
installations, it does not look familiar.



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