Do you have SSL library installed? check that PHPINFO() i guess.

You can also try to run curl() (if they have SSL support).

Otherwise, It will be hard to implement SSL from pure PHP sockets functions.


"Radu Manole" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
001401c25404$a52baae0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:001401c25404$a52baae0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> Hi Guys,
> I'm trying to create a "transparent download" using a script (the script
> would run from my local machine) that will request a file from a remote
> server, that looks like this (https request):
> /02&to=09/03/02
> This link will trigger an excel file download.
> I tryed with fsockopen() and fopen() but no luck.
> Also the Header ("Location: $myurl") starts the download but redirect the
> user to httpsserver.
> Any ideas and hints to start this transparent download would be much
> appreciated. Maybe to use a popup window?
> Many Thanks,
> Radu

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