On 09/04/2002 08:05 AM, Andrew Cowles wrote:
> I ran a test recently sending emails to a list of clients (1000 or so)
> from a PHP / MySQL powered system.
> When sending via Sendmail this was VERY slow, taking several minutes to
> complete.
> When I switched over to Qmail the whole process takes only 10 or 15
> seconds.
> Seems it's the MTA that causes the biggest overhead in the equation... and
> Qmail is so much nicer than Sendmail!

That is because you have configured sendmail to send messages immediatly 
if possible. If you configure it to just queue the messages and not wait 
for having them delivered right away, it will pratically as fast as 
qmail because it will be doing as less.


Manuel Lemos

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