On 09/04/2002 07:52 AM, Dl Neil wrote:
>>I ran a test recently sending emails to a list of clients (1000 or so)
>>from a PHP / MySQL powered system.
>>When sending via Sendmail this was VERY slow, taking several minutes to
>>When I switched over to Qmail the whole process takes only 10 or 15
>>Seems it's the MTA that causes the biggest overhead in the equation... and
>>Qmail is so much nicer than Sendmail!
> IIRC it is also an area where the Windows implementation of PHP is superior
> (for a pleasant change) on a volume/performance basis (I read somewhere that
> this is because a stub SMTP service is included in the interface).

I don't get where people get these ideas. Queuing messages to the local 
SMTP server as is done in PHP for Windows, is the slowest way to queue 
messages because it requires a TCP connection where each address has to 
be accepted individually by the SMTP server.

This is very slow when compared with direct injection of messages in the 
mail queue which is what Unix MTAs do.

There seems to be better ways to queue messages under Windows than just 
send them to the local SMTP server.


Manuel Lemos

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