Hi Mig,

to create something that behaves more like a true "chat", you 
need an active client side.
For example, you could let a frame with the PHP be reloaded in a 
short interval.

To create a real chat, you need a socket connection. The best 
solution would be Flash (which has great functions for that). 
Java is another option.


Am Sonntag den, 8. September 2002, um 12:05, schrieb M:

> "Philip J. Newman" wrote:
>> You could create a scema, or module that is called with each 
>> page load, that
>> checks for messages when the user is logged in.  So when the 
>> message is
>> stored into the databace, when the user loads the anypage 
>> while logged in it
>> checks for new messages, and if the user has messages then the 
>> window pops
>> up and the user can eather reply etc etc
>> Phil
> Hello Phil, your idea is interesting. I am evaluating it 
> because it is not a
> true 'chat' (if user doesnt load any page he will never see 
> incoming msg), but
> your idea is the only thing I have to this time.
> Thanks
> Mig

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