Hi Mig,

you have to look for the XMLSocket (data will be transported in 
XML documents). It is available since Flash 5.

But building a socket deamon on the server appears to be not 
that easy. The easiest way should be to use Pearl if you are 
unfamiliar with C.


> timo stamm wrote:
>> Hi Mig,
>> to create something that behaves more like a true "chat", you
>> need an active client side.
>> For example, you could let a frame with the PHP be reloaded in a
>> short interval.
>> To create a real chat, you need a socket connection. The best
>> solution would be Flash (which has great functions for that).
>> Java is another option.
>> Timo
> Hello Timo, thanks very much. I don't know flash, but do you 
> think Flash
> 5 has this option also?. I read a basic Flash manual and didn't find
> some feature for 'sockets' or something else.
> For Java, I know a very basic programming of it, I will try study more
> of it to understand socket functions.
> Thanks all of you for your responses.
> Mig

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