Justin French wrote:

> An extremely basic chat would be a frame or iframe which has a meta tag
> refresh (or javascript refresh) of a plain HTML page every 10-20 seconds.
> As far as the flash stuff goes, have a look at macromedia.com or the 1000's
> of flash sites... I'm positive you'll find some development tools for a
> pre-built chat room that you can modify.  I'm certain I got one of
> macromedia.com a few years back (flash 4 days i think).
> Justin

Hello Justin

Ok, you are right, I know it is possible to get complete chat services at free (just
install it in your page).

I think I forgot mention something. The reason I don't want use these services is
because I want people be able to retrieve info of my database when chatting.

Since I have profiles and pictures of people stored in databases, I want people
instantly getting these info through chat services.

For instance, when presenting list of chatters, just with a click you can see
picture and profile of that person.

This connection is impossible to stablish when using predefined chats, thats the
reason I want to make my own chat.



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