Gerhard Hoogterp wrote:

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> > Hello Phil, your idea is interesting. I am evaluating it because it is not
> > a true 'chat' (if user doesnt load any page he will never see incoming
> > msg), but your idea is the only thing I have to this time.
> But with a frame or iframe and a little javascript the reloading can be
> automated..
> gerhard

Hello Gerhard, I had an idea, and would like  you say to me if it is possible or
not. I program little javascript, and I think there is a timer function into JS.

My question is: what if some timer start every nn seconds a function to read
stored msgs table?

My doubt is: how to start a function in JS to read a table?. Remember PHP and
Mysql are server-sided operations, while JS is cliente side op.

Maybe your idea is JS start a new window embedded into iframe, and this window
then would exec a PHP script to check msgs table.

Is this true?



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