Heh good so you're not a complete n00b then :P  Luckily I had a fairly
decent grounding in html and css as well when I got going - I'm just
putting the finishing touches on my first serious project atm using OO
style php which made the learning curve about 10 times steeper as I had
no previous experience with an OO language and the OO tuts as you will
find are pretty thin on the ground and of varying quality - thinking of
writing a few myself when I get a breather :-)

GL and happy reading :-)


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> Sent: 12 September 2002 04:00 PM
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Re: Cry for help
> Html is something i do in my sleep :P thankfully I've been 
> good enough with it to make a decent living with it. What you 
> mention is quite logical, as i would find myself correcting 
> the ppl coding the databases and/or scripts by saying, stuff 
> like "you realize that when the info is returned like that 
> you are going to need four colums in the html, not 3..." and 
> they'd be like, geez..your right...and then they'd have to go 
> back and code again...
> So i am hoping that the html part that i know helps me gets 
> me thru the scripting phase a little easier, although the 
> languages are apples and oranges
> iom looking thru the tuts now :P
> cheers
> -Tree

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