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>Oh yeah, avoid that at all costs. Sounds like something like SOAP etc. 
>could have been an answer, but then it depends on how you write your 

Well, that is basically my question.  I considered both SOAP and
XML-RPC (which you mention later) but I wasn't sure what the impact on
performance would be.  I am basically looking for anecdotal evidence
from people who have implemented this sort of thing before...

>Ummm .... like the other guy said, why bother? You can do that. Of 
>course. But what are you doing in Perl that you cannot do in PHP? Maybe 
>a cron script? I've not written any cron stuff in PHP and I'm not 
>calling lynx to do it as I've seen advertised :( ... 

I answered him in a seperate post, but I'll repeat here:  I'm familiar
with writing standalone scripts in PHP.  I used Perl because for this
particular task it seemed better suited, and I wanted to get some more
Perl experience.  In retrospect it was probably not the wisest
decision, and I probably have made things more complicated than

>> I don't have a lot of experience with this, however.  It seems that XML
>> support in PHP is still in a state of infancy.  
>I don't know about that. Works well for me. I take an Amazaon XML feed 
>and run it through my smarty templates with no problem here:
>please note that above site has been more of a php playground than 
>anything else.

That was just the impression that I picked up from my admittedly
limited research I did on XML support in PHP.  I was focusing mainly
on XSL transformations though.

Do you mind if I ask how exactly you are parsing the XML in your PHP
pages?  It seems to me that there are a few different options
available on www.php.net.  There is the --with-xml option that uses
expat, and then the DOM XML extension that is marked experimental.
I'm a real newbie when it comes to XML, but the DOM functions look a
little more attractive to me...

>It sounds like to me you are looking for a framework. This what I 
>looked for in PHP and I've got one now that is equal or better to my 
>Perl framework. 

Thanks for your response, you've given me some nice food for thought.
I've heard of Smarty several times before but never looked into it.  I
definitely will take a look at it now...

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