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>I was just looking at my software architect book ... not half-way 
>through yet. Good book. CORBA is what is mentioned know, a bit 
>different than SOAP but I don't know enough of either yet to say for 

Something like CORBA looks good to me, although it's most likely over
my head at the moment.  It would probably offer the advantages of
SOAP/XML-RPC and do it without all of the overhead.  But PHP support
for CORBA looks to be pretty shaky.  The only reference I could find
was to Universe, but the website appears to be down:



Thanks for the pointer, I will check it out...

>If you continue to use Perl, look at Template::Toolkit. I use it for 
>all sorts of things, everything, really nice. 

I personally used HTML::Template, but I will take a look at that
module too...

Thanks again...

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