If you need to bridge Perl and PHP, as suggested previously you 
could implement a web-service (SOAP or XML-RPC).  Alternatively,
you could write something Java bean and use PHP's Java support. 

Either of those will be costly from a performance point of view
CORBA will be the same (from what I have read HelloWorld in CORBA
is a painful 50 line program, one reason Java developed RMI to use 

In any case, I have to agree with folks who say mixing languages 
for the sake of gaining experince on a project is a bad idea.  There 
are definately places when introducing a new tech is a desireable 
thing, particuliarly when that tech offers some potentially large 
benefit to your project at a realtively small risk (i.e. at my 
company we recently re-wrote a JSP app to use struts+tiles moving 
to a templated set-up which will pay off as the app grows in size).

If you are only using Perl, to parse through a user's mail box, I 
would think you'd be better off to stick with PHP (the .cgi 
version),  using it as a shell script and parsing the STDIN with 
fopen("php://stdin","r") as Manuel suggested.  Split out your 
PHP logic into biz logic classes and then call your biz logic 
classes (include "bizlogic.php") in both your web portion and 
your email processing portion...

# replace [?php ] brackets with angles <?php >
# email script 
include "bizlogic.php";
$bl = new bizlogic();
$x = join('', file("php://stdin"));
switch ($argv[0]) {
'-process': $y = preg_match( ... , $x);
            $bl->processcommand($y, $x);
'-profit': $bl->profit($x);


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