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Hi Manuel...

>Good idea, bad project. It is good that you diversify your knowlegde if 
>that helps your career but I think it is not a good idea to make 
>technology shift in a project that is already written and working well 
>in a certain language.

True, I see that now.  I guess I should have sent my email to the
group BEFORE I started working on the project and not after. :-)

>> of regex parsing.  I know that this is more than possible in PHP, but
>> Perl just seems better suited to this type of task IMHO.
>There is no evidence that is true. 
>I can tell you that I do that myself in a site of mine and probably 
>handling more complex situations like handling bounced newsletter 

Yeah, I'm actually on the phpclasses mailing list, so I think I know
what you are talking about. :-)

>Maybe that is my lack of Perl of experience compared to PHP experience, 
>or your lack of PHP experience compared to your Perl experience.

That is a factor, although I'm no Perl expert either...  Sometimes I
fall in a trap when it comes to projects...I start focusing on what
would be cool and fun to implement and sometimes I lose sight of
what's best for the project...

>My opinion is that switching to Perl in the middle of a project that 
>already works well in PHP would be a major mistake. You may want to try 
>it and realize that yourself at the expense of loosing a lot of time and 
>probably make your employer very nervous.

I'll be honest, I didn't forsee the duplicated business logic problem
(although I should have) until I was too far along with Perl to change
my mind.  I didn't lose any time, though.  It would have taken me
about the same amount of time to implement it in PHP, simply because I
had to learn a lot about email handling and MIME messages, etc.  These
were training issues that I had to get past that were not

I also have the advantage of having an employer who isn't a programmer
so is fairly oblivous to the details of implementation.  He's
basically an end user who tells me how he wants the program to
function and leaves it up to me to make it work.  This can be a big
advantage because I have almost absolute freedom to do what I want,
but it can also be a disadvantage because I sometimes get carried away
with all that freedom. :-)

>Regardless if you switch the language, you will always have trouble to 
>split the business from the presentation logic from your PHP scripts. My 
>advice is that you do that just splitting the logic in scripts that you 
>really need to do that. Resist the temptation of doing that in all scripts.

Ok.  It is hard to know when you are not abstracting and modularizing
things enough, and then when you are doing it too much.  Often I'll go
to extra work to make something scalable, and then we end up never
touching it again.  At other times I will bang something out quickly
thinking it's a one shot thing and then I find out it needs to be
expanded.  Ah well, I guess I shouldn't complain, it pays the bills...

Thanks for the response...

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