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> Secondly, is there any way of counting how long in pixels my page runs?
> Basically, my situation is this: I want to know if my page runs more than a
> screen and a half (or so... still deciding) of the user's screen so that I
> can put a Go to Top link on the bottom if it's useful. Any ideas?

Ummmm, it's too hard to tell -- if not impossible!!  There are too many
variables... font size, leading, etc etc to calculate how long your page
will be.... and then you'd have to get information back about screen
size/resolution from javascript (yuk).

Perhaps you could do it in a simpler way, based on the length of the main
body of content... in the case of an article/tutorial/news based site, you
could evaluate the length of the main content (article for ex), and if it's
more than 500 words or something, put a link in.... not as pin-point as you
want though.


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