firstly, magic quotes have something to do with how your php server
interprets the embedded php commands, or at least that's what I took it too
be.  I dont really know the details but it is definitely a setting in your
php.ini.  Maybe you can research it to your needed detail from that.

Secondly, if your page is of variable length, there must be someway to
calculate the number of rows according to the variable part.  I'd count the
number of set lines (ie: the titles, forced spaceing, etc) and add to it the
variable number of rows or whatever you are displaying in real time.  a
simple if statement somewhere in the display routine should take care of
inserting a top of page link.



"Liam Gibbs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> First of all, what exactly is get/set_magic_quotes_runtime? (I know what a
> get/set function does, and I know what magic_quotes does, but I'm unclear
> about what magic_quotes_runtime is as opposed to _gpc). Does it get the
> magic_quotes setting at runtime, before anything has been
> set_magic_quotes_runtime'd? I sort of get that it has to do with returning
> slashes with quotes in a function as opposed to doing it when a function
> called. Any clarifications? The only comment on the PHP list says that
> being turned off, so I guess it's not that important.
> Secondly, is there any way of counting how long in pixels my page runs?
> Basically, my situation is this: I want to know if my page runs more than
> screen and a half (or so... still deciding) of the user's screen so that I
> can put a Go to Top link on the bottom if it's useful. Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance!

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