> First of all, what exactly is get/set_magic_quotes_runtime? (I know what a
> get/set function does, and I know what magic_quotes does, but I'm unclear
> about what magic_quotes_runtime is as opposed to _gpc). Does it get the
> magic_quotes setting at runtime, before anything has been
> set_magic_quotes_runtime'd? I sort of get that it has to do with returning
> slashes with quotes in a function as opposed to doing it when a function
> called. Any clarifications? The only comment on the PHP list says that
> being turned off, so I guess it's not that important.

magic_quotes_runtime boolean

If magic_quotes_runtime is enabled, most functions that return data from any
sort of external source including databases and text files will have quotes
escaped with a backslash. If magic_quotes_sybase is also on, a single-quote
is escaped with a single-quote instead of a backslash.


> Secondly, is there any way of counting how long in pixels my page runs?
> Basically, my situation is this: I want to know if my page runs more than
> screen and a half (or so... still deciding) of the user's screen so that I
> can put a Go to Top link on the bottom if it's useful. Any ideas?

Not with PHP.

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