To me this is a lot of work and processing for limited benefits, a simple db
abstraction layer provides you with a divide between you db queries and the
presentation of your site, what benefits do you see in doing this?

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Most of what you are looking for is already implemented and fully working in

our Krysalis Professional platform.

We help you create dynamic XML files, we provide you reusable taglibs  to 
avoid rewriting similar code multiple times, wr provide various levels of 
caching and many more.

Please se more details at :


> Let me preface this by saying that I know the benefits of using XML 
> with regards to portability and extensibility. Here is the issue I 
> face.  I have all of my data stored in a MySQL database.  I'm 
> considering reworking my website so that it uses XML (after being 
> converted from resultant records in my DB) to transmit & XSLT to 
> transform and display the data to my end user. There are a few 
> benifits I can see in sending XML messages as part of the back end 
> processing.  However, that seems to be out- weighed by the amount of 
> processing that's going to need to take place in actually serving the 
> data to the user. First I have to query and pull the records from the 
> database.  Then, I need to send those records to a function (or 
> functions) to convert it to XML.  Then, I need to take that XML data 
> and have PHP use an XSL stylesheet to transform it to HTML before it, 
> finally, gets sent on to the browser.  So that's basically 2 
> conversions that take place on the back end.
> How much experience have any of you had with doing that?  Does
> it take significantly longer to serve the pages; is there a noticible
> performance hit?  Do you realize more benifit for the back end
> processes when using XML that makes any additional time it takes
> to display a page to the user worth it?
> I'd love to hear about people's experience with this kind of thing so I
> can better make a decision wrt whether or not I should even go down
> this route.
> thnx,
> Chris

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