Sure in this context I agree with you, but how often do you have a website
which needs to publish in many different formats? I have designed and built
websites for a while and have never come across such an application.
But if I were ever I would definitely invest the effort that is required,
but until then I will save myself from the extra work.

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El mié, 16-10-2002 a las 10:22, Joshua Alexander escribió:
> I have to agree with Simon. I am at a loss when it comes to seeing
> any benefit to XML that doesn't involve data exchange between at 
> least two parties.
> I've spent the last two years building database-backed websites, so
> I'm constantly trying to improve how I build them in order to make 
> design and maintenance easier... I used to rely heavily on SSI for 
> this, and now I rely more on PHP... if XML would make things easier, 
> believe me, I would LOVE to know how... but I just don't see it.
Let's imagine you create a website of an online magazine, this magazine
publishes in HTML, PDF, TXT, PS, etc, etc, etc. How would you do it?

I would use XML to write the articles and then stylesheets to transform the
articles to the formats I want. Write once, publish anywhare ;-)

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