El mié, 16-10-2002 a las 11:13, Joshua Alexander escribió:
> I still wouldn't use XML for this. I mean, all the articles are in 
> the database, and I'm already using PHP to pull them out and format 
> them into html, right? I can just as easily use PHP to put them into 
> all those other formats.
In what format do you have the articles on the database? TXT?
You will need to create a PHP software to format these articles to 

With XML you don't need that, the parser does the hard work for you.

What would it happen if you need another format? You would need to
develop another program (or modify an existing one) to transform your
content to the new format. With XML you just need to add a new XSL.

Of course, XML is not the only solution, but IMO is the easiest.

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