I still wouldn't use XML for this. I mean, all the articles are in 
the database, and I'm already using PHP to pull them out and format 
them into html, right? I can just as easily use PHP to put them into 
all those other formats.

So again, why waste time with XML unless I need to feed these 
articles to others, like in a newsfeed situation?

>But if I were ever I would definitely invest the effort that is required,
>but until then I will save myself from the extra work.

>Let's imagine you create a website of an online magazine, this magazine
>publishes in HTML, PDF, TXT, PS, etc, etc, etc. How would you do it?
>I would use XML to write the articles and then stylesheets to transform the
>articles to the formats I want. Write once, publish anywhare ;-)

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