I assume you mean that the echo statement I gave as an example shows this:

The test variable is []

Right? If so, that is truly odd, especially considering you are using 4.2.3. I don't have a good answer for that ...

Add this code to the top of your script to see if PHP thinks the client is passing any data at all:

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";


Paul wrote:

I am passing it via URL as: http://example.org/test.php?test=foo

When I do that call to $_GET["test"] shows that variable is not set,
however, when I run phpinfo() it shows value assigned to _GET.
With no change in code, I turn global variables 'on' and the same page


PS using php 4.2.3

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You didn't really tell us how you're passing data or what is not

Try this. Create a test script called test.php that looks like this:

echo "<p>The test variable is [" . $_GET["test"] . "]</p>";

Assuming this script is located at http://example.org/test.php, access this page using a URL like this:



Paul wrote:

Ok, I have turned global vars off and I have replaced my old
$HTTP_GET_VARS with $_GET[] but I seem to not get the values passed. I
run the phpinfo and I see the variables being stored as

Is calling $_GET["variable_name"] correct? If so, why would I not get
the value?
I use it in the following statement (checking if error_message is


if ($_GET["error_message"])

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