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Hello Manuel,

Thank you for your response and the URLs.
I'll check them out.

I believe a newer version would be advantageous
not only because of the bug fixes in the mail function
but also because the developers advocate and advise
upgrading when they discovered serious security
problems in the version my hosting company is
currently using (v.4.1.2). (The version between
v.4.1.2 and 4.2.3 fixed the security problem, they
Be careful. That may be trickier then you thought. It has already happened that people are advised to upgrade and avoid a security bug and end up facing a new security bugs. It would be safer to use an older version applying the bug fix patch. The truth is that the chances are that bugs grow with newer versions because these have more code and while somethings may have been fixed, others were broken. This is also the reason to disable the extensions that you do not need.

Two things surprise me.  One is that if the only
version not listed as a non-supported "Older version"
is still in beta, that wouldn't be made clear on the
php.net web site - or somewhere.  (Even the Zend
site says no betas are available.)
What that means is that you can get the beta version from the CVS repository with those bugs fixed, although the PHP QA team does not yet approve it for public release probably because other things are not yet ok.

and the other is that you have an association with a web hosting company that "thoroughly tests" new versions of software prior to installing it. In my experience this is more than unusual, it's unheard of. How very fortunate you are! :-)
I don't have any association with any Web hosting company that tests versions. Any tests I do them myself. There are techniques to automate tests like those that are made by PHP QA team before each release.


Manuel Lemos

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On 11/07/2002 05:48 PM, Jill S wrote:

... So, my questions are - Is the tech support guy correct?
He is very correct but I would be even stricter. My advice is to never ever upgrade unless you need the new features and have tested the the new version thoroughly.

and Is there a workaround for sending a bcc using mail()
with v.4.1.2?
Yes, you may want to try this class that comes with a wrapper function named smtp_mail() that emulates the mail() but it connects directly to a configurable SMTP address to deliver a message. I suppose that you are using Windows. If not, there are also wrapper mail() emulating functions for directly using the sendmail or qmail programs to deliver the messages:


For SMTP delivery, you also need this:


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