At 02:38 PM 11/7/02 -0600, Jill S wrote:
so again I'll ask - Are the  4.2.3 downloads at the top of the
page at:  "beta versions" or
non-"beta" versions?
4.2.3 is currently the latest stable released version of PHP. Yes, that means NOT BETA.

Anything that makes it to the downloads page is stable code.

4.3.0 should be out soon, but is not yet considered stable. It has also passed the BETA state and is in its second pre-release final testing.

If you want to get it you have to look at or the CVS server. Code from these sources is under active development and at any given time may not even compile. (Not that it happens often.) I can understand why a hosting provider might not want to run them. On the other hand I switched to PHP4 at Beta 2 and never looked back.


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