Thanks to everyone who kindly responded with 
their views regarding whether or not PHP v.4.2.3.
is a "beta" version or not a "beta" version.

Because the opinions offered were so adamant and 
so contradictory, I contacted Zend.   I just received
the reply (below)...

  Hi Jill,  Nice talking with you the other day and thanks 
  for your follow-up email.  PHP v. 4.2.3 is definitely not 
  a beta version. I checked with Zev Suraski who is one 
  of the developers of the Zend engine, the scripting 
  language that powers PHP.


At 09:16 PM 11/7/02 -0700, you wrote:
>At 02:38 PM 11/7/02 -0600, Jill S wrote:
>>so again I'll ask - Are the  4.2.3 downloads at the top of the
>>page at:  "beta versions" or
>>non-"beta" versions?
>4.2.3 is currently the latest stable released version of PHP.  Yes, that 
>means NOT BETA.
>Anything that makes it to the downloads page is stable code.
>4.3.0 should be out soon, but is not yet considered stable.  It has also 
>passed the BETA state and is in its second pre-release final testing.
>If you want to get it you have to look at or the CVS 
>server.  Code from these sources is under active development and at any 
>given time may not even compile. (Not that it happens often.) I can 
>understand why a hosting provider might not want to run them.  On the other 
>hand I switched to PHP4 at Beta 2 and never looked back.

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