About your comment 1:

if i have register_globals=on, why $status is not be set by PHP?

About your comment 2:

if i have 2 pages: p01.php and p02.php,
with p01.php code:
<a href="p02.php?pp=2">link</a>

and p02.php code:
echo "$pp";

If i have register_globals=off, then when i click the link, in p02.php page, the echo command display nothing.
If i have register_globals=on, then the echo command displays the value buy this way is deprecated.
How can i run the script without problems having register_globals=off?



From: Ernest E Vogelsinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: [PHP] Other Notice problem...
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:31:25 +0100

At 17:27 08.11.2002, R B spoke out and said:
>The array_key_exists or isset is a good solution.
>About your comment, i have the register_globals=on.
>I have 2 questions:
>1.- What's the relation to have register_globals=off with this notice

If register_globals is OFF, $status will simply not be set by PHP. You can
always access it as $_POST['status'] or $_REQUEST['status'].

>2.- I read the security comment about register_globals=on in the php.ini,
>but i set to on because if i set to off, i can't pass GET variables to other
>page. how can you pass GET variables to other page without setting

What do you mean by "pass it on to other page"? I'm afraid I don't get you.
What are you trying to accomplish?

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